Potingall/Portugal Cakes

... an old recipe from 1730

This recipe comes from the first volume of UPenn Ms. Codex 631, dated 1730.

Take a pound of flower well dryed & a pound of Loafe sugar beat fine seatel (i.e. settle?) them both & mingle them together, then take a pound of Butter & wash it well in rose water or orange flower water, then work it well in your hand till it be all very soft & then strew in your sugar & flower by degrees tell (i.e. till) it be half in, still working it with your hand, then put in 6 yolks of eggs & 5 whites & beat them up with two spoonfulls of sack, then by degrees worke in the half of the sugar & flower & when your oven is hott, then pick wash & dry a pound of Currants over the fire, your pans must be ready Buttered, then fill them half full & scrape double refine sugar on them, Let your oven be pritty hot & set up the Lead



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