1W hifi single ended class A amplifier

a simple approach

I've been planning, for quite some time now, on building an audio amplifier, and after reading Pass's articles on audio amplification decided to desgin one for myself.

I found this topology in "Design of VMOS Ciruits" book from the 80's (the same book that Jack's mentions on his BS170 booster webpage) but Pass's patent for a very similar topology is dated from 1998. Go figure?!?

Quoting Pass on Dick Olsher:

Dick Olsher famously remarked that “The first watt is the most important watt.”

and looking for "the personal amplifier" reviewed by Olsher (made by http://davidberning.com/) I decided that a 1W per channel amp would be a good amp to aim.

Enough talk here is the schematic (one channel)

I call it nez amplifier,

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